Friday, December 3, 2010

More Yasmin!

Apologies for the delay between posts. The combination of a food coma from the holiday and ridiculous amounts of school work has made it difficult to make some blog posts. I'm back, though, and will be posting more regularly (at least until finals).

Yasmin's debut single, "On My Own"

Anyway, back to business. As I posted before, I am a huge fan of new London up-and-comer Yasmin. She was amazing in Devlin's "Runaway" and now she's out with her debut single as a solo artist.

Her official music video is finally out, and I thought it best to share it here and get the word out. She's already getting some attention in the UK, so hopefully the US follows soon. This is me doing my part in spreading her sheer awesomeness.

One of the best up-and-coming young artists out of London is Yasmin. The 21-year-old has made a name for herself as a DJ, spinning for the likes of N.E.R.D., Eve and Taio Cruz. She is now making the transition to R&B/Trip hop singer/songwriter, and her voice has been heard singing the hook on Devlin's hit "Runaway."
She has now set her sights on a solo career away from the turntable, and is in the process of making her debut singing album. Off the 2011 record is her first single as a solo artist called "On My Own." The song features strong R&B influences with a touch of electronica and catchy hip-hop beat. Her lyrics are simple but thoughtful while her lovely voice conveys her message competently.
This is a solid first effort from the young Londoner, and it should get people in England and across the world to take notice. She is a real talent and seems to possess a musical ear well beyond her ears. "On My Own" is a fantastic song with great musical aesthetics that stands out from the usual Top 40 hits we hear over the radio. While questions will be raised on whether she can make a name for herself on this side of the pond, nobody can deny her talent and creativity.
 Check her out on

Here is her sick music video for "On My Own"

Check her out and spread the word!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving for one is served!

After hours of hard work, I think I achieved my goal of getting a fantastic Thanksgiving meal for the first time in three years.

Here's the finished product!

Cream of mushroom soup

Turkey (under) roasted veggies and jus

Cornbread stuffing with Polish sausage

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Ham steak
Bacon mac and cheese
Chocolate and Banana cream pie
Not too shabby, aye? I'm definitely going to have leftovers for a while which will save me some cooking time.

Now it's time to stuff my face with some food!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Maybe I should live blog for Christmas dinner as well...

Live blogging Thanksgiving for one

Happy Thanksgiving!

As I mentioned yesterday, it'll be an interesting last college Thanksgiving for me. Gone is the Chinese delivery and Chef Boyardee. Now I get to abuse my apartment's kitchen and cook a proper thanksgiving meal. I've started the prep work of my extensive menu last night.

I seasoned the turkey breasts (salt, pepper, garlic powder, Italian herbs, fresh rosemary), and put them in a zip-lock bag to brine overnight (combine water, salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, brown sugar, red chili flakes, chili powder, Italian herbs, fresh rosemary. Simmer for about 10 minutes then add ice cubes to cool).

As of 9:30 am:
Turkey in brine
That should be about ready to go in a few hours

I also started on the banana cream pie last night. I make the chocolate (Oreo) crust and the banana custard. I let it cool in the fridge overnight and I put it together today.


That looks pretty good as is, but it can get better.


With Oreos and Caramel sauce

Looks better... but it's not banana cream pie without the whipped cream...


Looks pretty good, and I'm sure it'll taste fantastic.

I'm going to prep the sides soon. 

Still need to be prepped:

Bacon Macaroni and Cheese
Cream of Mushroom soup
Mashed Potatoes
Ham steak
Bread rolls
Mixed veggies

12:04: Minor tragedy! I topped the pie with whipped cream way too early. Rookie mistake! The cream has started to set and drip off the sides. I'll have to add more when I eat it, but nobody ever said more whipped cream is a bad thing.

More updates as they happen!

Happy Thanksgiving!

1:39: Just finished making the macaroni and cheese. Will put it under the broiler later on with some bread crumbs and bacon. Boiling a pot of water for potatoes and will start on the soup soon. The oven will be ABUSED today!

Mac and Cheese pre-broiler
2:45 Starting to smell like heaven in here! Mashed potatoes are done, the turkey's in the oven, the stuffing is setting, soup is simmering, ham is on deck!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Cheryl Cole music video!

Photo from

As much as I was underwhelmed by Cheryl Cole's new album, this is one of the better songs on it.

Here's "The Flood" via PerezHilton

Pretty good one, and glad to hear her belt out a ballad.

Thanksgiving for one

When I did a Google image search of "Lonely Thanksgiving," this is what came up first:

Let's go with that.

Anyway, by no means is my Thanksgiving "lonely." I've had numerous invitations from lovely and generous people. I even accepted one, but backed out in the last minute because I've had a Thanksgiving tradition of my own (on my own) since going to college out of state.

There's no way I'm spending $400 for a plane ride to Albuquerque, NM only to spend a couple of days there (I will do it to watch a Jason Mraz concert in California, though.) As a college senior, I've spent the past three Thanksgivings all by my lonesome.

A huge part of the holiday is the great food that is served. Here's a recap of my kitchen-less last three Thanksgivings:

2007 - Cold Chinese food. I had to order in a ton of Chinese food since the delivery place wasn't open for the holiday. I say cold because my dorm's solitary microwave was nothing more than a box with a light bulb. I tried heating the food in a plastic bowl over my lamp, but that only ended up in a melted bowl, burnt food, and a close call with the smoke detector.

2008 - Warm Chinese food! Upgrade! My sophomore year's dorm actually had a working microwave! A warm plate of Sesame Chicken had Thanksgiving written all over it.

2009 - Chef Boyardee Spaghetti with Meatballs. Junior year was just depressing. Books seemed to be extra expensive that year, so I didn't have enough money to order my usual stock of Chinese food. I hit up a target and loaded up on 50 cent cans of Campbell's Chunky soup and Chef Boyardee's meals in a can. It wasn't a delicious by any means, but I count my blessings and was thankful to have some warm food in the first place (working microwave!)

2010 will be Thanksgiving done right. I'm armed not only with a working microwave, but also a full kitchen and some money to buy groceries. It'll be a fitting end to my college Thanksgivings and I can enjoy a nice meal in solitude and have some time to myself.

On the menu: 

Starter: Mushroom soup 

Main: Herb crusted turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, bacon macaroni and cheese, roasted vegetables, rolls

Dessert: Chocolate-banana cream pie

Drink: Magners Irish Cider

It looks to be a promising menu, and I'll post pictures and recipes once they are made.

I am incredibly thankful and grateful to all the people and friends who invited me over for Thanksgiving. It's incredible generosity that you offered to include me in your family's celebrations. I just thought that I've formed some tradition of my own now, and this will be the last year I'll be doing it, but again, I'm forever grateful for all your kindness and generosity. That's some Thanksgiving spirit you all manifested right there, and that's what these holidays are all about.


Salute to UGC: Lucie Jones

Apologies for the delay between posts. I've been quite busy lately.

Anyhow, here's more of me saluting the best in user generated content.

Photo from Lucie Jones X-Factor Facebook page

Lucie Jones isn't necessarily someone who got fame via YouTube. She was a contestant on The X-Factor UK's 2009 cycle. She did fairly well, making it through to the top 7 or 6. The Welsh beauty has since been practicing her talents on stage at the West End, playing Cosette in Les Miserables (opposite Nick Jonas).

I don't think she's signed on to any record company yet, which is a surprise to me, but she seems to be doing well for herself. She does have her YouTube page up, which is a treat for fans everywhere.

Here's her version of Eliza Doolittle's "Pack Up"

Not too shabby, and I hope she gets signed soon.

Here are some links to see more of Lucie:

YouTube luciejonesmusic1

Twitter @luciejones1

Friday, November 19, 2010

Salute to UGC: Paulina Cerrilla

This is the first part of my my new series of posts "Salute to UGC." By USH I mean, user generated content. This is my ode to who I think are the best (mostly) amateur musicians out there who build their following via YouTube, MySpace, and other social networking sites.

Photo from Facebook page Paulina Cerrilla

First off is Paulina Cerrilla. This fifteen - yes - FIFTEEN-year-old has a dynamite voice. She's been around doing covers of pop tunes on YouTube for a couple of years now and she keeps getting better. I find it difficult to imagine how she won't be signed soon. She already has a solid following on her YouTube channel, itsmePAULINA with over 56,000 subscribers and topping the 12 million mark when it comes to views.

Have a listen at her cover of Sara Bareilles' "Blue Bird"

Pretty good right? No. Pretty great.

Here are some useful links to hear more from her:

YouTube itsmePAULINA

Facebook Page

MySpace Page

Twitter @xoPAULINA

Official Website